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Discord Help
Here's a list of commands and help information that we think you'll need on our servers.
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Happy Cloud Hub
!website - Website link
​ !news - News link
!report - Report a message to the staff team
!bump - Bump the server
!stats - View server statistics
LGBT United
!hotline - View international hotline numbers
!emoji - View the emojis
!role - Self-assign roles
!report - Report a message to the staff team
!stats - View server statistics

Ranking System
!levelhelp - Help with the leveling up
!levels - Views level rewards
!rank - Views your rank/level
!leaderboard - Shows the server leaderboard

!bing - I love you
!dice - Roll a dice
!disworld - So cute!
!mood - Agree with the person above you
!randomnumber - Between 1 and 10
!shouldi - Yes or No
--8ball - Ask the magic 8 ball
--fidgetspinner [type] - Spin the fidget spinner
--rip @user - Makes a tombstone
+poll - Create a poll

Animals - See cute animals

!stats - View network statistics​
!info - Server & Channel Information
!news - View recent news

?play - Play a song
?skip - Skip the song
?np - See what's now playing
?lyrics - Read song lyrics
?seek - Seek to a certain point on the current track
?remove - Removes a song from the queue
?queue - View the queue

&dice-game - Bet your oats!
&russian-roulette - Dead or alive?
!c4 play @user - Play connect 4 with someone
--deathbattle @user - Fight to the death!

Call people from other servers
​ --voicephone
World of Photos
Self Assign Roles
!role-photographer - Add Photographer Role
!role-photographer-remove - Remove Photographer Role
!role-filmmaker - Add Film Maker Role
!role-filmmaker-remove - Remove Film Maker Role
!role-videographer - Add Videographer Role
!role-videographer-remove - Remove Videographer Role
!role-artist - Add Artist Role
!role-artist-remove - Remove Artist Role
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